Cellarius automatons

Lauren w lauren w autamatons final 1

Final Rendition of their driller robots. An essential mining tool and guard to resource extractions

Lauren w automaton concepts linework

Sketch phase, working with ideas and part break down. My clients really enjoyed the idea of mixing certain robot's legs with the bodies of other interesting shapes

Lauren w lauren w autamatons semifinals

More silhouettes to finalize the shape and feel

Lauren w lauren w autamatons concepts

First freestyle concept phase. Was given ideas and just went with interesting shapes from references

Cellarius automatons

I was requested to produce some concept art that would diversify the universe of Cellarius and it's AI inhabitants. Cellarius is a project that is driven to educate and explore the world of blockchains and crypto-currencies as a way to teach the general public on how it works!

My job was to make a drilling/extracting AI controlled robot that would control and dominate over certain areas that were human hostile. They wanted something eerie and aggressive, so I managed to deliver a half human spider. :D Joy.