Ceyone - The ancient guardian

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Final render for client

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Black and white rough with client feedback

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Ceyone - The ancient guardian

Ceyone was a protector of sorts, guarding loyally over the heart of the forest from would-be bounty hunters and exploiters of nature. It's ethereal shape allows it to phase in and out of existence, in which many fauna seem to be not aware of. The only critters that tend to notice this beast are of serpentine qualities or humanoid children.

Many humans have heard of it's legend. Including the ability of turning anything into stone. Or so it is believed.

There have been accounts of children in villages around the jungle it resides in, to have spotted the serpent and played games with the colossal beast. Many of these specific towns of close proximity to it believe it is of a peaceful nature. Asking it for blessings when droughts and floods plague the landscape.

Commission work for a client.