Blade Ballet - PS4/Steam game

Lauren w lauren westlake wallpaper 1

Wallpaper render

Blade Ballet - Launch Trailer | PS4

Lauren w lauren westlake concepts

Some concepts and mood/texture tests I created in the beginning phases of the game

Lauren w lauren westlake skins

Produced many skins for the robots

Lauren w lauren westlake steamcards

Steam cards I produced

Lauren w lauren westlake uilevels

Logos and symbols I created for each arena

Lauren w lauren w paul jouard bb 7

Helped produce the levels and level design via modeling/texturing

Lauren w lauren w paul jouard floatingplatforms1

Modeled and textured this level

Lauren w lauren westlake ui 01

Some UI concepts I produced for different parts of the game

Lauren westlake blade ballet pins by eden west d9zkabs

Also created some convention pins

Blade Ballet - PS4/Steam game

I was one of the 3D generalists and concept artists that produced many of the production assets in the game; Including environmental platforms, levels, items, props, and characters! I also helped concept many of the skins and a few updated assets to the levels. I continued to work on creating future skins for patches and dabbled in some marketing production by making rendered and illustrated images for Steam and Sony. Much of our work was produced with Maya and Max, we also used photoshop to hand paint most of the skins.