Lauren w 6

excalibur environment scene

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rendered angles

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Lauren w gif04art
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Lauren w 11

triangle polycount + wireframe

Lauren w 12

texture maps

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Lauren w conceptimages02

excalibur sword

Lauren w conceptimages03
Lauren w gif01art
Lauren w conceptimages04

3D viewer


I never managed to finish my King Arthur props for the King Arthur artstation challenge, but something at the bottom of my heart told me to keep going and not quit on the project. I am happy I didn't, as I learned a lot from this one! This sword improved my lowpoly and topology overall and I am happy with the style I was trying to achieve. Lots of work needs to be done to understand and improve my environmental details, but over all this was a good hurdle for me.

I couldn't have done this without the amazing concepts for this sword based on Decios Junior submission... https://www.artstation.com/deciosjunior

Thanks for stopping by and looking at my work. :)